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Do you have an idea for a solution on how you could improve your operations? Then we can help you determine if it is feasible or propose even better alternative solutions. We also help you identify possible improvements in your existing system or analyze your business and suggest how you can use data to make your business smarter.


Planning a project is crucial to its success. Defining project specifications, such as user requirements, software architecture and designs is also important for calculating costs. We plan your project and facilitate the process of creating the software throughout all phases. We actively participate in your product’s lifecycle and bring in fresh ideas.


Different software components are being developed according to your needs. From available data sources, either existing ones or from the new software, we create ML models or data analysis reporting systems. Predictions and reports then serve as an important factor to make decisions in your organization and scale it.


After the product is created we deploy it either to the cloud or to your on-premise infrastructure and provide extensive support, which guarantees you high availability of software constantly ready to provide you important information about your business.

What we do

Analysis & consulting

We assess your business to detect inefficiencies or new opportunities and propose software solutions matching your business needs, improving your business operations, reducing costs and scaling your business.

Software project & product management

We build, deploy and maintain high-quality software tailored for the unique requirements of your business and specific set of needs of its customers. We integrate existing software solutions or modernize your existing software stack.

Custom software engineering

Gathering requirements, planning, designing and overseeing development of your software project or product, bringing it live and educating your team or delivering it to customers - we do it all

AI & Data Science

There is a lot of hidden potential in data that can help you to solve business problems, make more-informed business decisions or predict future trends. We identify this data and create solutions to enhance your business intelligence and gain competitive advantage.


Building on modern technology stack

Technology that fits your needs

In order to deliver high-quality software solutions for your business we put strictly chosen state-of-the-art technologies in place that perfectly fit your needs.

State-of-the-art technology stack

We rely on modern technologies able to process high volume of data at sub-second latency for a lot of different use cases. We are mainly working with Java, Python and JavaScript as programming languages, but also other languages sometimes come at scene (ie. for building mobile apps). Spring and React are predominant frameworks we use as well as PyTorch and Spark which are used for ML and Big Data. PostgreSQL, InfluxDB, GraphQL and Elasticsearch are databases we use to cover different use cases.

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FAQWhat you need to know

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I integrate machine learning and data science with my existing system?

Yes! You can bring your own idea or we can analyse your existing system to find appropriate data to train ML models or develop reporting and analysis dashboards. If it is needed we can also adapt your existing software solution or migrate it to a new one so you get the best out of your predictions and analysis.

Are you only working with technologies presented here?

No, we are also working with a lot of other technologies. Technologies shown in "Technology" section are our main technologies, but depending on use case we also switch to other better suitable technologies.

Do you do also UI/UX?

Yes, it is a part of our process where we design your software according to your corporate design guidelines and also include you in process of design, so you are able to choose specific options.